3.7 Teams

Team Composition

Each team must consist of a minimum of six and a maximum of fourteen players. One or two players can be designated as the libero. The libero(s) must be recorded in the players list as well as in the column "Libero Players ("L")".

Permitted team compositions:

6 players no libero
7 players no or one libero
8 to 11 players no, one or two liberos
13 or 14 players       two liberos mandatory

A player, but never the libero, must be marked as the team captain by circling the respective player number.

One coach (C), two assistant coaches (AC1, AC2), one therapist (T) and a doctor (M) can be recorded as officials of a team on the score sheet.


General requirements

All players who are not on the court must either sit on their bench or stay in the warm-up zone.

Player-coaches, if they are not on the court and wish to exercise their right to stay in the coaching zone, must wear a training jacket or something similar to distinguish themselves from the active players on court. For player-coaches who act as a libero, the differentiation by the libero jersey is not enough.