6.6 Net faults

The first referee is primarily responsible for net faults of the attacking team while the second referee is primarily responsible for net faults of the blocking team.

A player touching the net during a playing action, giving his team an advantage or interfering with the play are deemed net faults.

In detail these are the following actions:

  • If a player touches the net between the antennas or the upper 80 cm of the antenna during a playing action. This includes attacking, passing and blocking actions.
  • When a team gains an advantage, e.g. by pulling down the net when attacking, or by holding on to the net to prevent a fault.
  • When the opponent's play is interfered with by touching the net.

Players may touch the net posts and the tensioning ropes as long as they do not interfere with the play.

No net fault

It is not a net fault if the net touches a player due to a ball being played into the net. It is also not a fault if the hair of a player touches the net, unless it interefres with the opponent's play or a rally is interrupted (e.g. getting stuck with a ponytail).