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Procedure in case of injuries

If an injury occurs during a rally, the rally must be interrupted immediately and repeated. In any case first aid must be allowed! If it is foreseeable that the injured player will not be able to rejoin the game, a regular substitution must be made.

If he cannot play anymore, an exceptional substitution must be made. This must be noted under "Remarks".

If no exceptional substitution is possible, the player will be granted a recovery time of three minutes. Each player can only be granted one recovery time per match.

If the player is not able to play after the recovery time, the team must be declared incomplete. The points that the opposing team lacks to win the match will be awarded to them.


  • Allow first aid
  • Normal change
  • Exceptional change (note under remarks!)
  • Recovery time (note under remarks!)

Libero re-designation

If the last remaining libero becomes unable to play (injury, illness, expulsion, disqualification, request by the coach), a new libero can be named. Any player who is not on court (and is not the replacement player of the libero) can become the new libero and may replace the disabled libero.

Self-determined inability to play (request by the coach)
If the libero is on court, he must be replaced by his replacement player first. A re-designated libero can then only replace another player after a completed rally.

Under no circumstances can a libero participate in the match again, if a new libero has already been re-designated!

The new libero must play in a jersey that differs from the rest of the team in the basic color. If no jersey is available, a T-shirt, an overshirt, a bib etc. can be used.


  • Determine or acknowledge the inability to play
  • Request for re-designation by the coach to the 2nd referee
  • Record under Remarks

Rotational faults

If a rotational fault is detected, proceed as follows:

  • Point for the opponent
  • Right to serve for the opponent
  • Correction of the wrong rotation

If it is clear when the fault occurred first, all points scored with the wrong rotation are to be canceled from the team at fault; the points of the opponent remain.

If it is not clear when the fault occurred first, only one point and the right to serve will be awarded to the opponent.