3.10 Announcer

Often hall announcers approach the referees to discuss the procedure before the match. The most common way of doing this is:

3 minutes before the start of the match: Teams and referees line up in the middle of the court. Announcement of the match dates (league, cup, phase); welcoming the teams and captains.


"Welcome to the first game of the playoff of the first league. On the left, we have the away team X, represented by captain A. On the right, home team Y, represented by captain B."

Handshake between the teams, teams leave the field of play Introduction of the referees


"The first referee for today's game is John Doe of Austria. Second referee is Jane Doe from Switzerland."

2 minutes before the start of the match: the starting six plus libero is called to the court one by one, starting with the visiting team; introduction of the coach


"For the away team, starting with the number one ... . Coach is XY. For the home team... . Coach is YZ.":