6.5.2 Blocking fault


The following examples are intended to illustrate blocking faults. Typical game scenes are used as examples.

Situation 1:
A ball that is received or defended badly goes directly to the opponent. A player plays the ball back directly. A setter, who is a back-row player, tried to set the ball but is now hit by the ball coming from the opponent.

The mistake only happens when the back-row player (or any other player who is part of the multiple block) touches the ball.

Blockfehler hinterspielerblock.png

Situation 2:
A libero makes a block attempt. The block attempt begins at the moment when the libero reaches higher than the top of the net in an action near the net and the ball comes from the opponent.

Blockfehler liberoblockversuch.png

Situation 3:
A ball is played far outside of the antenna and still attacked. The blocking player jumps and blocks the diagonally attacked ball outside of the antenna in the opponent’s space.

Blockfehler blockausserhalbderantenne.png

Situation 4:
A player blocks a flat, short service.

Blockfehler serviceblock.png