5.1 Preparation

Match information

Nameofcomp vordemspiel.jpg

Before the match, all data of the match must be recorded in the score sheet:

  • Name of the Competition
  • City: The city/town where the match is played
  • Country Code: Alpha-3 code
  • Hall: The name of the hall
  • Pool/Phase: Phase in which the championship/cup is currently in
  • Match N°: The match number
  • Date: Date on which the match takes place
  • Time: The appointed time. If the game starts later due to a delay, the time at which the game was originally scheduled must still be entered
  • Division: men's game (men) or women's game (women)
  • Category: Age group (open classes are "Senior")
  • Teams: abbreviation of the teams as well as the assignment of A or B (after the draw). The teams keep these letters for the rest of the game.

Player list

Spielerliste ausgefuellt nolib.png

One official of each team must complete his team's player list before the match. Both, the jersey number of each player and at least the surname must be noted. If there are two players in a team with the same surname, the first letter(s) of the first name must be added until a clear distinction is possible. All players who want to take part in the match must appear in the player list.

The team captain of each team is marked by circling his number.


There is a different approach in



As officials one coach (C), two assistant coaches (AC1, AC2), one therapist (T) and one doctor (M) may be present. All of them must be recorded on the match report sheet by name.

Match officials

Approval vorbereitungen.jpg

Under "Approval", the referees and the scorer(s) are recorded:

  • 1st: Name of the first referee
  • 2nd: Name of the second referee
  • Scorer: Name of the scorer
  • Assistant Scorer': Name of the assistant scorer

If available, the line judges are also recorded here according to their positions in the match (1-4).