6.13 Injuries

First aid

In case of an injury, it is important to allow first aid, according to the severity of the injury. As soon as a medical treatment has taken place, the player must be substituted if he is no longer able to play.


If a player has got a bleeding wound, he is not allowed to return to the match until the bleeding has stopped and has been treated.

Exceptional substitution

A player (except the libero) may be exceptionally substituted when he is no longer able to continue playing due to injury or illness, 'when no normal substitution is possible. Any player who is not participating in the match at that time (except the liberos or the replacement player) can be substituted in. The exceptionally substituted player may no longer take part in the match.

Recovery time

In beach volleyball, players can ask for a so-called medical time-out. There is no such request in volleyball. If neither a normal nor an exceptional substitution is possible, the injured player will be granted a one-time recovery time. The same player can only be granted one recovery time in a match. The duration of the recovery time shall not exceed three minutes.

If the player is still not fit to play after the recovery time, the team shall be declared incomplete for the set. Any remaining points that the opposing team needs to win the match shall be awarded to the team.