6.5.1 Reaching beyond the net


The following examples are intended to illustrate reaching beyond the net faults. Typical game scenes are used as examples.

Situation 1:
A player, usually the setter, tries to play a ball that is above the top of the net or already in the opponent's airspace back.

It is important where the contact ball with the ball happens. If it happens (partly) in the opponent's space, a fault is committed.

Reichueberdasnetz aufspielerholtballzurueck.png

Situation 2:
A player tries to play a ball that was played close to the net. A blocker jumps and touches the ball in the opponent’s space.

Reichueberdasnetz aufspielerblock.png

Situation 3:
The ball is played into the direction of the net and flies just over the net. An attacker still attacks such a ball and touches the ball in the opponent's space.

Reichenueberdasnetz angreifer.png

Situation 4:
A ball played parallel/close to the net is touched by a blocking player before an attacker can play the ball.

Reichueberdasnetz blockvorangreifer.png