8.2 HS - Second referee

Attack hit fault

  • A back-row player completes an attack completely higher than the top of the net from the fronz zone
  • Completing an attack on a service completely higher than the top of the net while the ball still is above the front zone

Blocking fault

  • Blocking attempt by a libero
  • Completed block by a back row player
  • Completed block outside of the antenna
  • Completed block on a service

Net fault

  • A player touches the net during an (attempted) playing action
  • A player touches the net, interfering with the play


  • The ball touches the floor completely outside of the court
  • The ball touches an external object or one of the antennae
  • The ball touches the ceiling

Penetration into the oppenent court

  • A player steps into the opponent court with a full foot
  • A player interferes with the oponent's play under the net on the oponnent's side

Double fault or replay

  • A rally has to be stopped due to injury, an accident, any other external interference
  • If two or more faults are committed by opponents simultaneously

Positional or rotational fault

  • The receiving team commits a positional fault
  • The serving team commits a rotational fault

Moving to the side that will receive next