4.1.2 Duties of the first referee

Before the match

The first referee must check that the net, equipment and court are in good condition. He must have any defects rectified by the hall manager or the responsible person of the home team.

He is responsible for checking the entry lists and identity cards of both teams. Players who are not on the entry list may take part in the game, but play at their own risk (penalty verification in case of improper entry). People who cannot identify themselves are not eligible to play or be part of the match. This also applies to people who are personally known by the referee.

During the match

The first referee decides on

  • Positional faults of the serving team
  • Faults playing the ball
  • Faults of the liberos
  • Faults at the net (blocking fault, reach beyond the net, attack hit faults)

He is responsible for maintaining a fair match. He may impose warnings or sanctions in the event of unsportsmanlike conduct.

After the match


At the end of the game, he is the last person to check the scoresheet and sign it. He has to check:

  • The score and the winner (green)
  • Transfer of records to the Results column (black)
  • Totals of the individual records (red)