5.2 After the coin toss

Result of the coin toss

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After the coin toss, the assignment of "A" and "B" per team is made. The team that plays on the left of the scorer's table in the first set will be assigned the letter "A", the team that starts on the right will be assigned the letter "B".

Player list

Spielerliste ausgefuellt.jpg

Afterwards, the coaches and captains of both teams must sign the score sheet. This is done below the respective player list. Afterwards, the empty spaces in the players list and the list of officials are cancelled by crossing them out.



The two coaches must hand in the signed line-up sheets to the second referee twelve minutes before the start of the match, the latest. Without a signature, the line-up sheets are not valid! The second referee should check the line-up sheets for legibility immediately. In case of any ambiguity, contact the coach directly in order to avoid problems later.

First of all, the numbers on the line-up sheets should be compared with those in the player list. It happens that coaches write numbers on their line-up sheet that do not exist in their team.

Set 1


After "A" or "B" have been assigned to the respective teams, the right to service or receive will be marked ("S" service, "R" reception), according to the choice of the teams at the coin toss. The first service player of the team starting with the service is immediately marked with a small line (UVC, player 3), the first player of the team which receives can be devaluated, as this player can, under no circumstances, serve in the first rotation (TIR, player 5).

Afterwards, the player numbers are noted down in the game report according to the line-up sheets in the corresponding field of the first set.


Results nachdemmuenzwurf.jpg

Finally, the respective team abbreviation is assigned to the letters "A" or "B" in the "Results" column.