4.2.2 Duties of the second referee

Before the match

The second referee shall assist the first referee in checking the entry lists and identity cards of the two teams. He also selects an appropriate number of match and replacement balls and checks their pressure.

The second referee collects the line-up sheets from the two coaches 12 minutes before the start of the match. In all subsequent sets, he does this during the 3-minute set interval.

During the match

The second referee decides on:

  • Positional faults of the receiving team
  • Penetration and interference under the net
  • Net faults
  • Balls hitting external objects (antenna, rods, cables) on his side
  • Blocking faults by a back-row player or libero
  • Balls touching the ground or an external object where the first referee has no view of it
  • Attack hit faults by a back-row player or a libero

In addition, it is the responsibility of the second referee to authorize substitutions and team time-outs and to observe the duration of time-outs. Multiple substitutions are coordinated by the second referee so that the scorers can clearly identify and record the players being substituted.

Between two sets, the second referee must obtain the line-up sheets from the two coaches and hand them to the scorers. The duration between two sets is three minutes. This time is measured from the last point of the previous set to the authorization of the first service of the next set. This means that the teams should be called back onto the court after about two minutes and 15 seconds.

The second referee calls the teams onto the court in sets 2 to 5. The second referee should always check the order on the benches.

After the match


At the end of the game, he is the second last person to check the scoresheet and sign it. He has to check:

  • The score and the winner (green)
  • Transfer of records to the Results column (black)
  • Totals of the individual records (red)