3.3 Protocol

min. before
the match
- 16' referees: arrival; check IDs, check net height
teams: may warm-up on their own side of the court with or without balls
16' Teams move to their benches, net height check by the referees
15' Coin toss, signatures of the captains and coaches of both teams on the score sheet (if necessary)
14' First referee whistles for the official warm-up (players wear uniforms)
12' Second referee collects the line-up sheets of both teams
6' Inform coaches that the official warm-up lasts for two more minutes
4' End of official warm-up, players move to their benches
3' Presentation of the teams and referees in the middle of the court
2.30' referees move to their positions
2' Presentation of the starting six plus libero and the coach per team; if not applicable: first referee calls the teams onto the court
0' Authorization of the first service



  • Always be on time!
  • Prepare yourself for the match (watch the teams warm up, talk to the coaches)
  • Talk to your referee colleague.
  • Make sure the scorer's table is clean and tidy. Scorers should not use their phones during the match. Let them know!

30 minutes before the start of the match

  • Check the equipment.
  • Check players lists, IDs
  • Talk to the announcer to make sure you will follow the same protocol