3.5 Golden Set

Only valid for some competitions. Please read the corresponding documents!

In some applications, a Golden Set will be played in matches played with a round robin, if...

...one team wins the first leg 3:0 or 3:1 and the other team wins the second leg 3:0 or 3:1.

...one team wins the first leg 3:2 and the other team wins the second leg 3:2.

The following rules apply with regard to the Golden Set rule:

  • The golden set is played to 15 points.
  • When one team has reached 8 points, the courts are changed
  • A Golden Set is written on an extra match report and starts 3 minutes after the end of the previous match.
  • It counts as a continuation of the previous game, i.e. the list of players, including Libero(s), must be identical to that of the previous game.
  • Players who have been disqualified in the match or who are no longer eligible to play due to an exceptional substitution are also not allowed to play in the Golden Set.
  • On the (new) match report for the Golden Set only the 5th set will be filled in. The player list can be filled in with "See game #game number#", because it must be identical to the one of the previous game. For e-scoring, a Golden Set can be selected after the game is finished.