5.8 After the match


In the "Results" field, the following information is recorded:

  • Number of time-outs taken ("T")
  • Number of substitutions ("S", Substitutions)
  • Sets won ("W", Win); if the set is won, "1" is recorded, if the record is lost, "0" is recorded
  • Points made ("P", Points)
  • Duration of the set in minutes ("SET Duration")

At the end of the game, the totals of the information just mentioned must be summed up and the time of the actual start of the game and the time of the end of the set must be recorded (red). The abbreviation of the winner, as well as the result, is recorded under "WINNER".


The sum of the duration of the sets plus the corresponding 3-minute set breaks always corresponds to the "Total Match Duration" in minutes.


The "Remarks" field allows the referee to record incidents during the game. Any protest must also be written here. In case of an entry, the first referee signs the remarks field.



After the game, the following signatures (in this order) must be made in the "Approval" field:

  • Signatures of both captains ("A" and "B" respectively)
  • Assistant Scorer
  • Scorer
  • Second referee
  • First referee

The first referee is responsible for the accuracy of the score sheet. Accordingly, he should recheck all entries, especially in the "Results" section, as well as the completeness (e.g. signatures).